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Sinus pain, congestion, and headaches are neverending

Your sinus pain continues to come back… but no matter the treatment, you can’t find relief. Is there anything that will help?

I’m tired of the sinus painOur ENT Services

Looking for relief that actually lasts can be frustrating

You’ve tried treatment after treatment. However, the pain from your sinuses, allergies, or other ENT condition just keeps returning.
At Mid State ENT patients like you find lasting relief from their painful conditions every day. Long-term treatments are available. You don’t have to live in pain.

Allergies don’t have to get in the way of life

Oftentimes, people suffering from painful allergies give up on living the life they want to live. Whether it be not being able to go outside during certain parts of the year or missing out on events entirely.
Long-term allergy treatment is possible.
How can my allergies be treated?

How badly is your sinus pain impacting your life?

If you’ve been suffering from sinus or allergy pain for years, you may have gotten used to how badly your life is impacted by symptoms.

How do my symptoms compare?

Our Mission

Our practice welcomes patients of all ages, and we believe that your health is the foundation for realizing your personal goals and experiencing the highest quality of life. We provide the highest quality Ear, Nose, and Throat treatment, Cosmetic services, as well as Hearing and Balance care.

ENT, Sinus and Hearing Care for patients of all ages.

Get the ENT specialist care you deserve!

Hear what patients like you have said about our exceptional level of patient care.
Dr. Lee Paitent Profile Picture

Dr. Lee and staff gave me a fantastic experience today. I came in because of a constant ringing in my ear, and left being made aware of other issues related to it I never even fathomed. Dr. Lee was incredibly knowledgeable, personable, and genuinely cared about myself and my well being. I am looking forward to seeing what the future brings. I'd highly recommend him!

- Patient from Greenbrier, TN
Dr. DeMoville Paitent Profile Picture

Dr. Demoville is the most wonderful doctor I’ve ever had. My son and I are both patients of his for nasal polyps and he has never let us down. We always leave his office feeling very assured of our treatment plan and feeling better in no time. I had surgery to remove polyps from Dr. Demoville and he took such good care of me. I would highly recommend him!

- Patient from Hendersonville, TN
Dr. Enrich Paitent Profile Picture

If you truly want a fantastic Doctor one that is so knowledgeable, one that will diagnose your problem immediately then may I highly suggest that you go to Dr Demoville, with an added incredible bedside personal manner with one of the most infectious smiles ever!! I went to the ER and another Doctor before I luckily found Dr. Demoville. Thank you Doctor for being in Gallatin...

- Patient from Gallatin, TN

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