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Chronic Sinus Infection Treatment

Don’t let sinus infection symptoms run your life! Take back control with a custom treatment plan from the professional team at Mid State ENT.

Are you experiencing the symptoms of a sinus infection? The nasal drip, headaches, congestion, and facial pain can range from inconvenient to debilitating. They can also be a sign of a serious medical issue that can impact your overall health.

Millions of Americans seek treatment for sinus infections each year. Together, we spend billions of dollars seeking solutions from over-the-counter medications without lasting relief. We may find temporary comfort in natural home remedies for sinus infections. But what about those long-lasting and persistent sinus infections that severely impact our quality of life?

Schedule an appointment today then continue reading to discover how you can find lasting relief from your sinus infection.

Headaches and sinus pressure can stop you from enjoying your life.

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You've suffered for years from recurring sinus infections. The stuffy nose, bad breath, congestion, pain, and pressure simply don't seem to go away. You're out of options for relief on your own. Time for a change!

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What is a Sinus Infection?

A sinus infection, also known as sinusitis, is a swelling of the sinus cavities that surround the nose and eyes. These air-filled spaces play an important role in breathing and speaking. They also help control humidity and filter the air entering the lungs by producing natural mucus. This mucus works to remove dust and germs from the air that you breathe.

The sinus cavities may become infected when bacteria, mold, or viruses enter the body. The body may respond to these with inflammation and increased production of mucus. This swelling can block the mucus from draining naturally and it can become infected. A sinus infection can become a serious medical issue that requires professional attention.

Sinus infection symptoms may be similar to those of a common cold or allergies. Some of the most common sinusitis symptoms include:

  • Postnasal drip: Mucus running from the nose to the throat.
  • Abnormal nasal discharge: Mucus discharge from the nose that is green or yellow.
  • Congestion: Stuffy nose caused by inflammation.
  • Fatigue: The inability to achieve restful sleep due to sinus infection symptoms.
  • Facial pain: This includes headaches, tooth pain, or pain around the eyes and nose.
  • Facial swelling: Sensitivity and swelling at the top of the nose and around the eyes.
  • Other Symptoms: These may include coughing, bad breath, and fever.

It is possible to have sinusitis and allergies or a cold at the same time which can make it more difficult to find relief. Your symptoms and specific conditions are unique which is why it is important to seek treatment from a medical professional who will listen and respond to your needs.

Sinus infections are serious and they can have significant impacts on your health, well-being, and quality of life. Don’t let your sinus infection go untreated, schedule an appointment with Mid State ENT today.

Sinus Infection Treatment

Sinus sufferers often spend far too long trying to manage painful sinus symptoms. Today, more than ever, you have options that will put an end to your sinus suffering and put you back in control of your life. Long-lasting treatment is available, affordable, and safe. The team at Mid State ENT can customize a treatment plan that is specific to your condition, meets your needs, and works for your budget.

Endoscopic Sinus Surgery

Sinus surgery is a treatment option for those whose sinus blockage symptoms are the result of a physical defect in the nose or sinus area. These physical conditions may include:

  • Deviated septum
  • Closed passages
  • Nasal polyps

Sinus surgery is a fully invasive procedure that involves the permanent removal of bone or tissue. These procedures are typically done in a hospital or surgery center under anesthesia. Full recovery from sinus surgery can take weeks or months.


Proper use of antibiotics can be an effective short-term solution for non-recurring sinus infections.  When the body’s natural defense system is working properly, it can often fight off infection. However, when an infection is long-lasting, antibiotics can significantly contribute to the healing process.

Specific antibiotics can target bacteria to provide relief and results can be seen in as little as a couple of days. All medications carry risks and antibiotics should not be used as a long-term solution to recurring sinus infections.

Nasal Spray

Nasal sprays help to prevent and treat sinus infection symptoms. There are two primary types of sprays which include:

  • Nasal decongestants

    Nasal decongestants can reduce inflammation helping the body to naturally drain mucus. Symptom relief can be quick, but potential side effects require that they not be used as a long-term solution.

  • Nasal corticosteroids

    Corticosteroid sprays also help reduce sinus and nasal swelling. However, these sprays can be safely used as part of a long-term treatment plan. When used effectively, these sprays can reduce symptoms and prevent future swelling of the sinuses.

Sinus pressure and headaches can be an awful experience.

Natural Home Remedies

Treating a sinus infection naturally can sometimes be a safe and effective way to find symptom relief and prevent future infections. If you are experiencing mild symptoms that are not the result of a severe infection, then a natural home remedy may be part of your treatment plan. Natural treatments must be implemented properly to prevent damage to the sinuses or other medical complications. You can learn more about adding natural solutions to your sinus treatment plan.

Balloon Sinuplasty

Balloon sinuplasty is a modern treatment option for sinus infections that is minimally invasive and has distinct advantages. Sinuplasty can help you avoid surgery while delivering long-term results. It takes less than an hour and can be done from the comfort of the office. This safe procedure involves gently opening the blocked sinus passage with a tiny balloon. Once the balloon is inflated, the sinus can be cleaned and the natural flow of mucus is restored. You can walk out of the office breathing easier and ready to live a life free of sinus infection symptoms.

Discover how Balloon Sinuplasty can deliver real, instant, and lasting relief for you!

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