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Ear Conditions
Effective Treatment for Diseases of the Ear

Ear Conditions & Treatments

Treatment of ear diseases and conditions for all ages

Our practice includes a broad range of services for the ears including:

  • Medical and surgical therapy for acute and chronic ear disease
  • Placement of ear tubes (myringotomy) and tube placement in children and adults.
  • Surgical repair of perforated eardrums (Tympanoplasty) to improve hearing
  • Ossicular reconstruction (repair and or replacement of broken or diseased ear bones)
  • Stapedectomy (replacement/repair of frozen stapes - stirrup) to restore hearing
  • Surgical removal of the middle ear and mastoid cysts and tumors (Tympanomastoidectomy)
  • Surgical management of external ear disease (chronic otitis externa
  • Excision of external ear cancers and benign tumors with functional and cosmetic repair
  • Cosmetic treatment of external ear deformities (otoplasty)
  • Balloon dilation of the eustachian tubes which results in lasting improvements in symptoms and middle ear assessments for patients with persistent ETD

Have ENT-related concerns about your ears?

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