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Hearing & Balance Care

Evaluation & Treatment

Concerned about a loved one's hearing loss or yours?

Many of our patients report that they notice - or recognize in loved ones - early signs of hearing loss. Hearing loss is a fact of life for many of us and can be treated in numerous ways.

We provide complete diagnostic testing for all ages to determine the type and severity of any hearing loss that may be present.  Some types of hearing loss are medically correctable and the diagnostic evaluation assists our  medical staff in determining the best course of treatment.

Loud noise over time is often a cause of hearing loss. We encourage you to use hearing protection when you are in noise and are pleased to provide you with complimentary foam earplugs at your visit to our clinic.  We can also fit you with custom hearing protection designed for musicians, hunters, people who want high fidelity but at a softer level.  We can even fit you with custom earplugs for sleeping.

We believe that hearing is an important part of your overall health, and any hearing loss should be treated as a medical condition. As hearing aid providers within an otolaryngology practice, we are best positioned to provide hearing aids in a medical environment.

Lifestyle, communication needs, dexterity, hopes, and expectations of hearing aids are taken into account when selecting a product that will best meet your hearing needs. Hearing aid technology has rapidly advanced and there are now smart options that range from completely self-adjusting to user-friendly smartphone app adjustable. Many of the products that we carry can be synched to smartphones for direct streaming so that your hearing aids also act like Bluetooth earpieces. We also carry rechargeable options.

We provide hearing treatment and evaluation for all ages

We will find the best solution for your hearing problem.

Testing is an important part of your patient evaluation.

Our board-certified, nationally-recognized ENT team will conduct a complete evaluation of your hearing, which enables her to determine the type and degree of hearing loss that you have along with the right solution for your needs. Our Hearing & Balance Evaluation & Treatment services include:

  • Middle ear test (tympanometry) - measures the response of the eardrum to changes in air pressure.
    Frequency specific tonal test - measures hearing sensitivity to frequency tones in the range of average speech sounds.
    Speech recognition test -  measures the ability to hear and understand spoken words and messages.
  • Surgical procedures of the ear to improve hearing
  • Hearing aid distribution, adjustment, and repair
  • Evaluation for Meniere's Disease
    An increase in fluid in the part of the inner ear called the labyrinth. The labyrinth is where the semicircular canals and otolithic organs (which regulate balance) and the cochlea (the sensory organ for hearing) are found.
  • Treatment of Benign Positional Vertigo
    Vertigo related to gravity sensitive crystals in the inner ear.  These crystals relate to your perception of head position.  If one or more crystals is dislodged, they can float within the inner ear and create a sense of vertigo or dizziness when you turn your head. 
We evaluate and treat many types of hearing loss and balance disorders

Underlying causes of balance and hearing symptoms can be serious unless treated.  If you have a sudden occurrence or persistent symptoms of tinnitus or loss of hearing, call for an evaluation appointment with one of our specialists as soon as possible.

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Drs. Lee and DeMoville are well qualified to counsel you regarding your hearing loss, help you select, and fit you with technologies to help you hear your best.
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