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Hearing Test

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Is It Time For A Diagnostic Hearing Evaluation?

If you are struggling to hear your loved ones or turning the TV up too loud it may be time for a diagnostic hearing evaluation,

If you are suffering from hearing loss take our self-assessment and schedule an appointment with our Audiology Professionals today.

I want to take the hearing assessment.

A diagnostic hearing evaluation usually comes after you have failed a primary screening or if you have complained to your primary care physician about hearing loss or tinnitus. Hearing issues can be caused by several different factors and a diagnostic hearing evaluation may be the best way to determine the causes.

A diagnostic hearing evaluation is done to first determine if hearing loss is present. Once hearing loss is found, the rest of the evaluation will be done to uncover the severity and type of hearing loss. The test will allow for our audiologist to decide the correct treatment recommendations.

What tests are done during a diagnostic hearing evaluation?

The overall goal of the test is to determine the degree and type of hearing loss. First, the audiologist decides what testing to perform depending on the patient's age. The next step is to perform an otoscopic examination to rule out ear wax as the cause of hearing loss as well as any outer ear issues.

Next, your audiologist will have you sit in a booth and put on headphones or earbuds. Frequencies will be played through the headphones to see what you can hear. This helps the audiologist to determine the health of your hearing as well as the types of sounds you can’t hear. Finally, your speech will be tested to give your audiologist the chance to gain information on your auditory processing ability. After these tests are completed your audiologist will determine what type of hearing loss you have.

A diagnostic hearing evaluation for infants and young children will be different compared to an adult's tests. Your audiologist may need to perform a play audiometry or visual reinforcement audiometry test to gain the most information possible so that they can determine the cause of hearing loss.

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Results of all tests are reviewed closely by our audiologist. They will explain to you the type and severity of your hearing loss and go through what treatments they think will work best.

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